Sunday Deals

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We have a few sweeps and freebies today so bring them to you. Hope you’ve had a good weekend so far.

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Friday Deals 2

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Alka-Seltzer® Extra Strength Heartburn ReliefChews® Review

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#Ad #gotitfree #Alka-Seltzer® Extra Strength Heartburn ReliefChews®
I was selected for this mission to review the chews. I was not a fan of this product. It says they are flavored, but I could not tell any different taste. The were bland, seem to take forever to chew them up. My stomach was really bothering me last week, so I did give them a fair shake, and took them for four days, with no relief.
Luckily, I had their regular brand as back-up. I guess I was hoping for a strong product like the fizz one, that works great, so they will still get my business. I am afraid that I did not research this products price or availability. I am sure that you can find them at any mass retailer or drug store.
I did share these with my neighbors, son, husband, and one of his friends. My one neighbor said she has bought them, and they work great for her. She did not mind the taste or the chew. My son said they worked for him, but the taste was bad. My husband went back to regular Alka-Seltzer®. His friend kept his pack to share with his wife, he said he liked them.
My advise to Alka-Seltzer is to make them more like a hard candy, a mint, or even a gummy. Add more flavor. Maybe they could up the dosage for us problem tummies.

Thursday Deals

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I just entered to win the Outdoor Bar Giveaway with @BobVila and @QUIKRETE!

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Wednesday Deals

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I just entered to win the Outdoor Bar Giveaway with @BobVila and @QUIKRETE!

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Emails cleared have a great day.

Sleep Number Review


#ad #SleepNumberBed #FreePillow Sleep number beds are so comfortable! You can do so much with them to make yourself comfortable. I had an accident in 2013 and shattered my pelvis and hips, so the ability to change this bed, is awesome. I can elevate my legs to take the load off my hips. I am a 40 what are you? Right know I have to use pillows and wedges. On and off the bed all night long.The people at the store were so nice and helpful. She was excited about the Smiley mission. And asked if she could do anything to help. I sure would recommend this to my family friends and followers. They can try them at any Sleep Number Store. Also the need to check out the accessories! I was so happy to be in this mission and visit this store. The picture above is the bed I have chosen.