Woke up this morning to a beautiful, brite and sunny day. Hubby brought me a awesome cup of coffee. And as I open my computer I see so many samples and sweeps. So today let us take a look at some of these. And tips on how to fill them out.

First there is Influenster  (@Influenster ). I always make sure I put their name to hopefully get their attention, and some times they tell you to reference them in the directions of their sample box. Their sample box is called a #Voxbox or #GlamVoxbox. They really go all out on their #Voxbox giveaways. This time around we first have the  https://www.influenster.com/article/voxbox-alert-lancome-makeup .

@Lancome is one of the best makeup manufacturers out there. If you click the the link, it will tell you all about this #Voxbox . 2500 people will get this box, will you be one? Please make sure that when yo comment on this box, you reference @Influenster @Lancome and #Voxbox and #GlamVoxbox , then your comment.

Their second box is candles by @Homesick, these are really great smelling candles. @The Homesick company they give you the sweet smells of home. The Georgia candle smells of  Magnolias and peaches. The candle for Texas, smells of  fresh pine, dark leather, fresh pine, and lemon slices.  And again please reference both Homesick and Influenster.

The last one is a contest for BITE #TheLipPencil Instagram Contest! . This one you can go to their site and read the directions. Yet again make sure you follow the rules on how to reference  them. This is an instagram contest. This is the first of our sample articles for today. Happy clicking!.


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