Roses are red, Violet is dead

Today I thought I would throw my hat into the book review arena. Roses are red, Violet is dead is authored by Monica Marie Vincent. She in lives in Sacramento, CA, and loves coffee, Diet Coke, and Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos. She and her cat (Salem) spend their time in their writing liar hunkered on top of the keyboard. So far there is two books in this series.

Roses are red, Violet is dead and Blood so Violet, these are wonderfully written novels, centered around a teen named Violet Sumner. Violet is a troubled teen, whose parents are in no way role models for her. She has a stalker,  problematic parents few friends and one of those go missing. What a way to start a good book!.

24374551 Monica wrote this series for the teen genre, but it is a great read for the whole family. It is a mystery thriller series with a touch of romance. Blood so Violet continues the drama of Violet thinking things are finally starting to look up again. Then she finds out that she may be in danger after all.

Roses are red, Violet is dead, has gone out of print. You can find it on Amazon with new and used tags for the book. If you want to get it for your kindle it is 3.99. Blood so Violet is only available on kindle of 3.99. I would certainly recommend this series for the teen in your family.



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