Sunday Deals

Happy Sunday Everyone! Hope you have been following the deals, contests and samples. Putting up today’s deals now so happy clicking!

Lets start with yummy bars!

I have found myself clipping many coupons from this site, so I am passing the site along to you……

This one is for a first aid kit. They ask you which sample you want I wrote in Medical Kit. Oh, and Please make sure to use your pleases and thank yous; to show the company how much you like the samples.

Lets hit on a few of the contests now. I don’t enter all of them, but I make sure I enter the good ones. This one you have to take a quick survey.,chk-58b3033f6c4fb

These are my favorite sites. Some of them you have to do surveys or missions, but you receive some really good products.

Check out: for some really good samples!

Please make sure you are a @PINCHme #Happypincher. They are sending out some awesome boxes this month.

Also @Influenster is sending out boxes #VoxBox is what they call theirs.

The next one is @Toluna , this one is surveys and mission. You can make or respond to weekly topics, polls, and surveys.

You need to make sure to put their names in your posts and also reference whatever product they are offering; and remember your pleases and thank yous. If you have any sites that you use let me know so I can share. Have a good Sunday. Please sign up to my facebook group page. I just started it and it needs some love.



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