Two Drunk Ladies (a winer’s review)

I have been a fan of the “Two Drunk Ladies” website, since I found them 4 years ago. They are a FUN, ADULT 21+ page! They post all kinds of pics of quotes and share from MANY other pages. The owner’s of the page are Deb and Mary, two ladies that wanted a page they could have fun with.

Their motto is this…”If you are not smiling or GIGGLING every day”…you clearly have issues, so please drink up and have a jolly good time with us!  If you are easily offended, you probably do not belong on this site, but you just don’t know what you are missing. On the website they explain themselves as “The Drunk  Lady In Red” which is Ms. Mary…”from close to Detroit, Michigan”…she loves beer, shoes and purses…and not necessarily in that order!  “The Drunk Lady in Blue”  is Deb…her British humor is dripping with sarcasm…sassy, classy and a LOT smart-assy…LOVES men in kilts…red wine…champagne…really, really good chocolate…and Louboutin shoes! Not necessarily in that order either! Giggles!

They popped into my radar 4 years ago, because of their love of wine and animals; I to have the same interests.I love me some Reunite’ Lambrusco, which in the summer I mix it with some orange juice and call it breakfast. They also have really great pictures and ask that if you download to their site, that you give the Creator their due. I admit to sharing a few myself. My friend Beth and I got the same tattoo from their website. Yes if you stay with their site, I bet you will find our tattoo there.

Now onto the recipes. Many people have put recipes on their site a few have my name on them either for making or putting my opinion in there. Have you ever tried a Purple Rain or a Passionate Cosmo?  I have forgotten to say that both Deb and Mary like a good Scotsman now and again. Not sure if that is a drink or not.

They also have a shop where you can buy their products. They sell wine glasses, apparel, car decals and other fun stuff. I am eyeing the “Your wineness glass” to be my next new pretty. Maybe you know some one that is your Queen of wine or loves to drink with her dog. Then you might want a T-shirt you just have to stop by and read the sayings. Under the other fun stuff tag the have mugs, beer kosies, and towels. In my new kitchen the will be a cute addition. Everyone once in a while you might find a giveaway going on. All of the designs on the glasses are made by Deb, and she is a genius.

I give this site a total of 5 thumbs up, but don’t believe me stop by and say hello.  You can find them here… or there Tell them I said hello, be there @ 5:00.


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