Thoughts, Thank Yous, and a Request

Today started out like any other day, but quickly the SHTF. I had a Doctor’s appointment today. We of course were running late because I forgot my phone, so we had to run back home.

We started off in the only vehicle we have, a 1993 GMC Suburban. I do have to say this has been one of the best running automobiles, I have ever had. We bought it used, a new engine had been put into it, and only had a few thousand miles on it. It has never gave us any big problems. So today,  when we stopped and it stalled, it didn’t surprise me. But with all we had been through, it was just another level of hitting bottom.  My  husband with his chronic bones infections, and me having been in a car accident at work.

So for almost for years I have been on workers compensation. And let me say there are 4 types of people in a w/c claim. The Patient, the attorneys, the judge, and the insurance. The patient can only do what the others tell him/her to do, and if your employer has crappy w/c you are just… sool. Also w/c laws and other laws vary by state, there is so many variables that; No one can do it by themselves, they have to hire an attorney. Once you know and understand the laws, you could do it yourself. Anyways, during all of this I asked them to buy me a car so I could get back and forth to the specialists. What do you think I got? An excuse, that since I was not the driver of the work van they could not do that, But they could hire a car to take me back and forth to the specialists only. So for the last almost 4 years, they have hired a company to drive me. Anyone that works in that industry, knows I could have had 2 used cars, for that amount.

Of course, I live in a state that is pro insurance, pro companies, and con the individual. I couldn’t go after the auto maker, there is a law for that. It states that you can only go after a manufacturer,for faulty product;  if it is before the 10th year from date of first purchase . My employer had many old vehicles, so again out of luck. Check your state some are only 6 years from date of purchase.

So, I have 2 last resorts:

1- I have started a GO Fund Me page, in hopes someone donates enough for us to buy a vehicle. I will put the link on this page in case any of you are rich or won the lottery.

2- In hope that one of the major car companies or dealers, will hear my plight, and send me a used car.

In case you are wondering, the accident broke my left hip and shattered my pelvis, tore my ACL and Rotator cuff. I am now looking for a light duty employment. I need transportation for that. And today’s visit was to tell me I am now a diabetic.

I want to thank Arnold T and Eddie for getting me to the Doctor and home. And Coy for helping to get car pushed into Denny’s parking lot. Also the man who stopped to help us get it off the road.

Go Fund Me

Please share this for me


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