Sunday Musings and Mysteries

The last few months, as some of you know, I have been looking for a new career. After 4 years of surgeries and physical therapy. All the doctors stated I was at maximum medical improvement (MMI). I cannot go back to the job I was doing, they assigned a light duty sticker to me. I do have a vocational rehab person that helps me to look for a job.

I am not going to go into what job boards I look through, but I do have a favorite. I look everyday on the best site; and once a week on the others. I have found that 70% of these positions are requiring at the least an associate degree and more pointedly a bachelor’s degree. I know that I could go back and get one, but I am 53 now. By the time I got that degree I would be 60, who would hire anyone at that age? The 2015 census states that of people between the ages 45 to 60 only 33% of them has a bachelor’s degree. That means that 67% of the people in that census, did not have a bachelor’s degree and could not apply for any of today’s jobs.

Does a B.A. make these people any smarter than I? No. It just means they sat in their school chairs longer than I did. I do have training much lacking in that 33%, and that is common sense; they don’t teach that in school. So when interviewing they should take that into consideration.

Now onto Employers and their job postings. Some postings are really well thought out as to what they are looking for, qualifications, and duties. Others, well you might have to take wild guesses about what it is they are hiring for. One posting I saw was looking for a clerical assistant, for A LOT of shredding, answering phones, etc. For 10.50 an hour; required, bachelors degree. If I spent all that money, getting a degree shredding papers would not be on my career list, especially for 10.50 an hour. Another posting had so many misspelled words, that he needed to hire a dictionary not a clerical assistant.

So, what does a gal like me do? Some jobs that I apply for ask for exactly what I am trained to do, so I apply. Who am I kidding I apply for anything, But there are so many applying for the same jobs, People who have any kinds of gaps, get put to the side, no matter what their knowledge. I have a gap in work experience,  I haven’t worked since 2013. I am smart enough to realize with 2 strikes (no degree, gaps in work), that 5% of employers might look at my resume.

If I could just get an interview, I know I would get the job. In today’s times they do phone interviews, I have had a couple, but have gotten no farther. I even applied to the same position I had 15 years ago. The response… not qualified. Plus I always have to make sure their physical requirements align with what I can do. Here I go today off on another job site, to hopefully find my niche and land the perfect job. Happy Clicking!



One thought on “Sunday Musings and Mysteries

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