The Dreaded Sentence

We all have words that we dread to hear. They maybe be used to break up a couple, lose a job, or death in the family. They can be used in loving ways, hurtful ways, or offhandedly, but they still leave a hollowness in your soul. I am a very sarcastic person, if someone leaves an open-ended comment, I will be the one to fill it with a joking sarcasm. My jabs most of the time are in fun, but every once in a while they hit a point I was trying to make.

My dreadful words make a sentence, and it is… “After careful consideration of all qualified applicants, we have selected another candidate for the position below.”  Every time I see this sentence it makes me cringe. Who exactly thought up this sentence? Is there a secret Employer organization that I do not know about? All employers use some form of this sentence, and it is written nice enough that it makes you think you are getting an award. Wouldn’t it be nice if you did get an award after and interview.

Why not just say ” Hey we are hiring another person because we didn’t like you for this position.” Or. ” You know you aren’t qualified for this, why did you even reply.” These sentences would be much easier to accept, than the one above. This makes me wonder, if they were having a bad day and just hurrying through them. If sending it on another day, would have made you look at it differently. If I was one of the qualified applicants, or did they laugh and throw it in the trash. Who did they select, and what were her skills, that made them pick her.

I have done everything the web has to offer in creating my resume.

  • Create it on a resume template.
  • Use bullets when describing or highlighting skills
  • Only use 4 to 8 bullets per work experience
  • Stay within the job description
  • Try to keep it to 1 page
  • Always include a cover letter to highlight your soft skills
  • Check the status of your resume in 3 to 4 weeks

Well, I couldn’t keep it to one page because of my work experience. Most of them overlap because of restaurant work as a part-time job. I obtained most of my management skills in the restaurant classification, But supervising people and getting them to follow your direction is the same in all fields. Then checking the status, most Human Resources departments don’t like you to call there. Then if you call the hiring manager it might hurt your chances of getting the position. They label you to pushy or don’t follow the rules. Now I am all for hiring some one who is qualified, but Canada elected Trudeau with only and English major and we elected Trump.


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