Friday Big Deals

Good Morning! Thank you for all the followers, you are amazing. Everyday a few more. I have started a book of my life the last 4 years, when finished , I hope you will be curious enough to read it. Remember to check all of our awesome sample partners today, you don’t know them I will list them first. These are the ones I have personally received things from so I know they are good links. You have to do some surveys, but you get gift cards or products, and as they say every little bit helps. Okay, Let’s get clicking! (They are looking for product testers) (I have gotten 4 boxes so far) (Looking for product testers, they have review missions you need to complete) (I have received 2 products to review from them) (My (A lot of my free stuff I post comes from them)  (More free stuff posting) (They run contests and freebies. They also have great tips)

When visiting these sites or Facebook pages please remember to thank them, as they do a lot of work finding these freebies for us. Also if you get samples make sure when you review these products and tell people you got them as free samples. Like the company that sent these products. It helps us everyone with their social count, so they can bring s more samples. As I send you these sites I am applying myself and I try not to post the spam or bad links. Happy Clicking!

*** I won’t go into all of the sweepstakes we had yesterday, since you can pull it up. If you are a member of twitter, some of these companies run contests on the weekends. Have a wonderful day, heading  to my doctor.



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