Overstock Review

I want to share my online experience with you. Tonight I went to purchase a gift from Overstock tonight. I got all of my information in, then went to check out. The program told me of all things that my state was incorrect, I really sat there astonished. I have a sarcastic side so my first thought was I moved and forgot to tell myself. So I reload and rewrite everything, and again, my state is wrong.

By this time after researching most of the day to find the absolute lowest price for the most accessories, I just wanted to be done with it. I am in no way a phone person hate to talk on a mobile phone, so I selected the chat on the computer. I was really glad that I did. Percy had an excellent customer service attitude. He asked me questions I could understand and were not long and complicated. We were in chat for about 20 minutes, but Percy got my state to go through (glad I moved back lol). Then put my entire order in with the correct 15% discount.

Will I use Overstock again? Yes, I will. The carry good products, and I have never had a bad product from there. I also filled out a survey. They asked what could be improved on their site or with their Customer Service Division. I stated that Percy needed an award or a dinner. Maybe I should have said a raise or a promotion. Anyways if you are in need of and item or would just like to Windows Shop (lol) please look at Overstock. They have great sales going on! Click away.


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