The Bear Den

I am reviewing the #SnuggleDen. This site promotes #SnuggleFabricSoftener. I have been a member for about 2 months now. If you think you know about Snuggle Fabric Softener think again. They have so many new products, they are worth a second look. So after you read my review, walk your fingers right over to their site.

Lets talk about some of the new products. First off they promise 30 days of freshness, in which I can attest to. The clothes still smells fresh. And if you have used Snuggle you remember  it is snugly soft. I always buy the lavender scent. I know see they have a new scent… Cherry Blossom. I love to smell some cherry blossoms, so I know I will be trying this one next. The newest one is to eliminate odors. It is called Snuggle plus Super Fresh.It will eliminate those tough odors, and I know I sure have some, with two men in the house.

They have several places to go on their site. The first one is their bear store, where you or your favorite little person can be the proud owner of a Snuggle Bear. I know I have always wanted one! Then there is the product spot with a list of all their products, available sizes, usage instructions, and where to buy them. The Benefit spot tells you to expect from Snuggle when you purchase their product. Find Snuggle, is a locator to find your favorite product. Promotions and offers, is a place to get coupons. It will take you off the site to another one… .

Promotions and offers, also tells about their donations. #ShareABear Snuggle is donating 5000 bears to children in need, through The Starlight Foundation. If you would like more information please call 1-855-835-5786. Nothing sweeter than a child hugging a bear.

The last place is The Bear Den. You can join Snuggle and be one of the first to learn about new products. At the bottom of the profile page you will find surveys and missions to do. Please join The Bear Den and have some fun. I totally recommend this product.


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