Monday Deals and squeals

I am late again I want to give you the heads up on review sites today.  Let’s first talk about what is expected of you.

1- Always give an honest review, even if it s a bad one.

2- Don’t ramble on give concise to the point review.

3- Always be polite no swearing

4- Thank your sponsors without them you wouldn’t be getting free product

5- Like or follow their pages

6- Read the directions on their pages. If you don’t you may not get sent anything.

7- I have just recently figured out that when you are out, take pictures of everything so you  have them. Eg. Your shoes, your workout clothing, your laundry.

8- Always make sure when reviewing the product you tell people you #Gotitfree.

The first one is #PINCHme. This site makes me so happy. They send so many products. Your reviews are easy.  You don’t have to jump through hoops, to get products. They throw twitter parties and have giveaways for participation.  You can become a #HAPPYPINCHer to be entered in a monthly giveaway. I am currently participating in missions. They have #PINCHme boxes!

The next #Crowdtap. This group is amazing also, but you have to be very concise. Do no more than what the mission asks for. Always make sure that people know you got it for free. I have received many items for review from the site too. I am currently participating in missions.

BzzAgent, Another site that has sent products for missions. All of these are very simple too. I am currently participating in missions.

#Influenster is the next. I have not received any product from them, but I am hopeful. They have awesome twitter parties. They have a #VoxBox

#Toluna, they have surveys to do both quick and long surveys. They also send product, but it has been awhile since I have reviewed any for them.

These are the main ones I am participating in, and I hope you will join me in them.

Virgina Slims giving away monogramed stationary





















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