Thursday Deals

I have found a few online stores that I have absolutely fallen in like with, and I would like to share them with you.

1- Just found this one tonight but is you use my referral code you get 30.00 in your account. This store you put your information with sizes in. Pick stuff out if you don’t like it send it back.

2- Rosegal is the next one, they have the prettiest clothes. You can share them with friends and have a chance to spin the wheel and possibly get the item you want free.

3- TopHatter is the next site. They run similar to Ebay, it is a fast-paced auction site. I have made 1 purchase from them and the product performed as it said they would.

4- Quibids is a auction site also. You pay for your bids, When I first joined this site I bid on a mixer that my husband had wanted for years. Now this is the 499.00 mixer. and I got it for way under 100.00, I haven’t used the site in a very long time but it deserved a mention, because of the deal I got.

5- Jet, is my newest site. This one is cool the more you spend the more you save. Buy with debit, you save even more. Decline to send the item back, you save again. The is how we bought our water tank for under our house, we saved like 20.00. It was shipped in 2 days.

6- And Ebay is my last one we ave been friends for years, I think I should have bought stock when we had our pool every January I bought for the year because of the great prices.

That ends my sales pitch for today, let’s get on with the samples and sweeps.

The Pink Panel is asking for testers for collogen ages 35 to 50

I just entered to win the $3,000 Best Backyard Giveaway from @BobVila and @Craftsman!

If I get a bunch will put out another post.




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