Mothers Day Thoughts


     My Mother, died 35 years ago. I was eight-teen, and especially vulnerable since my Father, died the year before. They had me late in life, “a change of life baby,” I am called. My Mother had raised two girls and a boy, in the forties and fifties. A different time from raising me in the sixties. We never had a close relationship, as I was always a Daddy’s girl. When I was in my teens my parents split, and my Mother moved in with her boyfriend. I wish her a Happy Mothers Day in heaven.

     My Sister, took me in after my parents died. She not only got to raise her three children, she had me, a grieving rebellious teenager. She had her work cut out for her. At this time I also became closer with my oldest Sister, and stayed with her some. I have had some perplexing times, but with age comes wisdom. I wish them both a Happy Mothers Day.

      At twenty-one, I married my first husband. He was a foster-child, but his foster Mom accepted me as one of her own. We shopped, cooked, and talked like best friends. She taught me how to crochet. I made my first blanket for my daughter. She treated our children just like her own grandchildren. She was the first blessing god sent me, in place of the Mother he claimed. Even though we are divorced to this day, I could go to her for help. I wish her a wonderful Mothers Day.

        With my second marriage, came my new Mother-in-law. She has now been with me even longer than, my own Mother. Pushing close to the thirty year mark now, she has seen me at my best and my worst. She was there when I needed her, but let me make my own mistakes. When I was in a horrific car accident, she came all the way down here to make sure I was okay. I hope she realizes how much I needed a Mother, during that time and she filled the spot. A very special Happy Mothers Day to her. I hope she knows how big a place she holds in my heart.

              Whether it be god, fate, or just plain luck, I have had the strongest, generous, most dynamic women, to guide me through life. Although, I am not there on this special day, I hope you feel my presence in your heart. I love each and every one of you in my own special way. And I give a thanks to the heavens, to have relationships with each, that many women will never know.



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