Sunday Deals


hands shaking

I have been having issues with my computer, so please bear with me. I have started a new survey site. You take surveys for different amounts. Some of them are long but most only take minutes. The good thing about this is that you earn actual money. You will need a paypal account, but those are free sign-up. I have earned almost five dollars so far. The site is …….

Another paid site I have been working with is Inbox Dollars. Quick easy surveys. I am up to 20.00 already. I am earning cash at InboxDollars and you can too!

Also, another paid site I use is ….. Hey folks, come join me at I love quick paid surveys.

I have also added paribus to my system, if you are a frequent shopper to the stores in their site they will look at your receipts to see if you got a good deal if not they will get you the best price.

I got these sites from The Pennyhoarder site trying to make a little extra money. If you want to work from home, like taking surveys, or want a side gig, this is the site for you. Most are for pay, but some sites give you gift cards.

Also trying out this site for internships and job vacancies. Will let you know how it turns out.

I just entered to win the Outdoor Bar Giveaway with @BobVila and @QUIKRETE!



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