Making Money


As you may know I have been looking for a job for the past year, without success. I am now looking into going back to school. There is so much paperwork involved, all I want to do is get a degree, not run for office. The first thing to fill out is federal funding, if you are seeking aid. That really was simple, compared to filling out the registration and getting my transcripts.

I emailed for my high school and vocational program requesting my transcripts. Seven days later still no transcripts received from the high school. Then I got an email from the business office of the vocational school stating they could not find me, and requested more information. I called the high school and emailed the other. Finally, after seven mails and four calls to the high school, I got them to electronically send them this morning.

The vocational program, is another story. I was told that those old programs never got microfilmed. It is probably the reason I was not informed that I needed to have a state license for Medical Assistant. She did tell me “at least, You have your certificate.” What good is that without grades to back it up? And, why wasn’t any of us informed of the changes in the laws. Now, the girl I was working with is on a two-week vacation.

Okay so that is my rant for the day. I actually wanted to talk about making money. I am trying to find a work from home job, that is not a scam. That way since I haven’t been to school in thirty-some years, I have more time and options to study. I was reading The Penny Hoarder, today and found some really interesting side jobs, you may be interested in.

The first idea is being a mock juror. You review real cases, and tell them your thoughts and opinions. There are a few sites that are mentioned in the article, so I signed up for them. I assume places like New York and California, would hear more cases, but it would be a unique. Make sure to read the rules for each one, to see if you qualify.


Then there are the usual positions, proofreading, blogging, editing. These all have specific guidelines so read, before you sign.


I am so excited to try some of these out. If you have tried these or are currently working let us know. Maybe you have one we have not heard of. In the last list I included sites for both Penny Hoarder and Sophie Lizard. These people work hard to bring us this information so show them some love.



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