CenturyLink Yeah or Nay

I have to say for this review, I am not the person that is the owner of the phone service, that would be my husband. Since my name is not on the account they would not validate the complaint, my husband would have to do that. I am, however, the main user of the account and therefore claim the right to review the service. You are the audience I choose to listen to this rant and give your own review if you have one.

On Wednesday the fourteenth our internet went down. They had been replacing the boxes a mile up the road, from a drunk driver plowing into them. Also, there was a bad storm with many lightning strikes that day. We could not believe how many men and how many days it took to put that box in. It looks as though they are not finished, we went by today and there was still a tarp wrapped around something.

My husband called and got their customer service department. The lady my husband spoke with stated that she was pinging our phone and we had service. My husband says I  don’t know how you could be pinging my phone since it does not have a dial tone.  She then states that she will put a ticket in and it will be corrected by Friday the sixteenth before seven pm. At seven o’clock no internet. He called customer service again spoke with a different lady. Again she was “pinging” the line and we had service. Again my husband said no you aren’t we have no dial tone. She put in another ticket and stated it would be corrected before Monday the nineteenth by seven pm. I guess they don’t work on weekends.

Monday morning the service people came. There are now boxes on each side of our house. The boxes and the corner were not wired the same as the boxes passed our house. So much for contract employees being cheaper. The service people corrected the wiring and viola’ we had service. I told my husband we shouldn’t have to pay for this month at all.

Then I found out that CenturyLink is not some little hometown company like I thought. They are also out on the west coast causing as many problems for a friend that we have here. I do have to commend them for continuous service during and after hurricanes Fran and Floyd. Even when the pond across the road overflowed and washed the road out so you could see the phone wires, it still worked. This year, however, we have had very spotty service with the internet going down at least once a month. It was an awful weekend, with two disabled people no internet, no Netflix, and no place to go. If they expect prompt payment, I expect uninterrupted service. Thank you for listening.


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