Light Life Smart Dogs

We got these today and cooked them out on the grill. They cook just like regular hot dogs. The three of us tried the hotdogs. The master eaters ( my dogs) tried them also, just to see if they could tell there was no meat, they could not. They came asking for seconds. They taste good, just like a real hot dog. They also smell just like a meat hot dog. So glad to hear that they are a great source of protein, and is a non-Gmo product. It is also Vegan certified. You can find them at most mass retailers. Great option for the money. #LightLife also gives 5% of its annual profit to charitable organizations. I would recommend the #LightLifeHotDogs to my Family, Friends, and Followers. I will be buying these as part of my weekly shopping list. I got this product for #free #ad to aid me in my review of this product.
#made from plants @LightLife @LightLifeFoods @SocialNature #Contest


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