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Politics on the sly. HB985

I tried not to make this a political space, but this came through my email, and everyone needs to be aware of what congress is doing. There is still so many Good Ol’ Boy standards in Washington, that until they get voted out; we will not have trustworthiness, in the government. The Big Pharma and Insurance needs to know we will not back down, we will fight for the rights we have left. Some day we will find people who are for the good of the country, instead of the good of their pockets.

In an article that appeared in the Huffington post on 2/17/17, written by  Joanne Doroshow, It was stated that Congress spent a hard day voting out 2 bills that would end our legal rights. It is further stated that “They appear to be important only to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and paid business lobbyists, and a small number of the Chamber’s super-rich industry members who have liability exposure for harming the public, and who pay the Chamber (in some cases) millions of dollars to lobby for them.” They said no to these bills, because the would endanger the health and safety of the American working class. That is us if you are wondering.

Quoting again for this article, “They appear to be important only to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and paid business lobbyists, and a small number of the Chamber’s super-rich industry members who have liability exposure for harming the public, and who pay the Chamber (in some cases) millions of dollars to lobby for them.”

This bill is close to my heart since most of you know I was in an accident, that no one wants to pay. If this bill goes through things like car accidents, medicine failures, asbestos, cancers and the super funds will be gone. You will have no recourse to sue of damages. You need to contact your Government Officials, and tell them not to let bills like these to pass. I am linking a site where all you have to do is print your name. Please save your rights. If you have not signed up for Class Action. org, then do it while you are here the link…. 

Thank you to the Huffington Post for a good article. Read full article here..

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The Dreaded Sentence

We all have words that we dread to hear. They maybe be used to break up a couple, lose a job, or death in the family. They can be used in loving ways, hurtful ways, or offhandedly, but they still leave a hollowness in your soul. I am a very sarcastic person, if someone leaves an open-ended comment, I will be the one to fill it with a joking sarcasm. My jabs most of the time are in fun, but every once in a while they hit a point I was trying to make.

My dreadful words make a sentence, and it is… “After careful consideration of all qualified applicants, we have selected another candidate for the position below.”  Every time I see this sentence it makes me cringe. Who exactly thought up this sentence? Is there a secret Employer organization that I do not know about? All employers use some form of this sentence, and it is written nice enough that it makes you think you are getting an award. Wouldn’t it be nice if you did get an award after and interview.

Why not just say ” Hey we are hiring another person because we didn’t like you for this position.” Or. ” You know you aren’t qualified for this, why did you even reply.” These sentences would be much easier to accept, than the one above. This makes me wonder, if they were having a bad day and just hurrying through them. If sending it on another day, would have made you look at it differently. If I was one of the qualified applicants, or did they laugh and throw it in the trash. Who did they select, and what were her skills, that made them pick her.

I have done everything the web has to offer in creating my resume.

  • Create it on a resume template.
  • Use bullets when describing or highlighting skills
  • Only use 4 to 8 bullets per work experience
  • Stay within the job description
  • Try to keep it to 1 page
  • Always include a cover letter to highlight your soft skills
  • Check the status of your resume in 3 to 4 weeks

Well, I couldn’t keep it to one page because of my work experience. Most of them overlap because of restaurant work as a part-time job. I obtained most of my management skills in the restaurant classification, But supervising people and getting them to follow your direction is the same in all fields. Then checking the status, most Human Resources departments don’t like you to call there. Then if you call the hiring manager it might hurt your chances of getting the position. They label you to pushy or don’t follow the rules. Now I am all for hiring some one who is qualified, but Canada elected Trudeau with only and English major and we elected Trump.

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The Thought

I have started this blog so that I can review products, online sites and pages, books, and just generally speak my mind. I hope you will follow me, through the good times and they bad.

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Sunday Musings and Mysteries

The last few months, as some of you know, I have been looking for a new career. After 4 years of surgeries and physical therapy. All the doctors stated I was at maximum medical improvement (MMI). I cannot go back to the job I was doing, they assigned a light duty sticker to me. I do have a vocational rehab person that helps me to look for a job.

I am not going to go into what job boards I look through, but I do have a favorite. I look everyday on the best site; and once a week on the others. I have found that 70% of these positions are requiring at the least an associate degree and more pointedly a bachelor’s degree. I know that I could go back and get one, but I am 53 now. By the time I got that degree I would be 60, who would hire anyone at that age? The 2015 census states that of people between the ages 45 to 60 only 33% of them has a bachelor’s degree. That means that 67% of the people in that census, did not have a bachelor’s degree and could not apply for any of today’s jobs.

Does a B.A. make these people any smarter than I? No. It just means they sat in their school chairs longer than I did. I do have training much lacking in that 33%, and that is common sense; they don’t teach that in school. So when interviewing they should take that into consideration.

Now onto Employers and their job postings. Some postings are really well thought out as to what they are looking for, qualifications, and duties. Others, well you might have to take wild guesses about what it is they are hiring for. One posting I saw was looking for a clerical assistant, for A LOT of shredding, answering phones, etc. For 10.50 an hour; required, bachelors degree. If I spent all that money, getting a degree shredding papers would not be on my career list, especially for 10.50 an hour. Another posting had so many misspelled words, that he needed to hire a dictionary not a clerical assistant.

So, what does a gal like me do? Some jobs that I apply for ask for exactly what I am trained to do, so I apply. Who am I kidding I apply for anything, But there are so many applying for the same jobs, People who have any kinds of gaps, get put to the side, no matter what their knowledge. I have a gap in work experience,  I haven’t worked since 2013. I am smart enough to realize with 2 strikes (no degree, gaps in work), that 5% of employers might look at my resume.

If I could just get an interview, I know I would get the job. In today’s times they do phone interviews, I have had a couple, but have gotten no farther. I even applied to the same position I had 15 years ago. The response… not qualified. Plus I always have to make sure their physical requirements align with what I can do. Here I go today off on another job site, to hopefully find my niche and land the perfect job. Happy Clicking!


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Thoughts, Thank Yous, and a Request

Today started out like any other day, but quickly the SHTF. I had a Doctor’s appointment today. We of course were running late because I forgot my phone, so we had to run back home.

We started off in the only vehicle we have, a 1993 GMC Suburban. I do have to say this has been one of the best running automobiles, I have ever had. We bought it used, a new engine had been put into it, and only had a few thousand miles on it. It has never gave us any big problems. So today,  when we stopped and it stalled, it didn’t surprise me. But with all we had been through, it was just another level of hitting bottom.  My  husband with his chronic bones infections, and me having been in a car accident at work.

So for almost for years I have been on workers compensation. And let me say there are 4 types of people in a w/c claim. The Patient, the attorneys, the judge, and the insurance. The patient can only do what the others tell him/her to do, and if your employer has crappy w/c you are just… sool. Also w/c laws and other laws vary by state, there is so many variables that; No one can do it by themselves, they have to hire an attorney. Once you know and understand the laws, you could do it yourself. Anyways, during all of this I asked them to buy me a car so I could get back and forth to the specialists. What do you think I got? An excuse, that since I was not the driver of the work van they could not do that, But they could hire a car to take me back and forth to the specialists only. So for the last almost 4 years, they have hired a company to drive me. Anyone that works in that industry, knows I could have had 2 used cars, for that amount.

Of course, I live in a state that is pro insurance, pro companies, and con the individual. I couldn’t go after the auto maker, there is a law for that. It states that you can only go after a manufacturer,for faulty product;  if it is before the 10th year from date of first purchase . My employer had many old vehicles, so again out of luck. Check your state some are only 6 years from date of purchase.

So, I have 2 last resorts:

1- I have started a GO Fund Me page, in hopes someone donates enough for us to buy a vehicle. I will put the link on this page in case any of you are rich or won the lottery.

2- In hope that one of the major car companies or dealers, will hear my plight, and send me a used car.

In case you are wondering, the accident broke my left hip and shattered my pelvis, tore my ACL and Rotator cuff. I am now looking for a light duty employment. I need transportation for that. And today’s visit was to tell me I am now a diabetic.

I want to thank Arnold T and Eddie for getting me to the Doctor and home. And Coy for helping to get car pushed into Denny’s parking lot. Also the man who stopped to help us get it off the road.

Go Fund Me

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